"Does the world really need another solo virtuoso bass stylist? If it's Aram
Bedrosian, absolutely. The Burlington, Vermont native clears the purely
technical bar and then some with a combination of slapping, tapping and
chordal strumming of the Hamm/Wooten/Manring varieties ("Thumpty
Dumpty" and "Terracotta" are head-shakingly intense), and he's pulling it
all off live, as in "Look, Ma, no Pro Tools trickery." But Bedrosian's hidden
treasures are twofold: first, he summons a rich, deep, almost instantly
signature tone on everything he plays, enhancing difficult material with
a clarity and warmth that goes easy on the ears; second, great care and patience is taken to
develop melodies and classically-influenced chord progressions, and after the third listen to
"Space Opera" and "Sand Castle," you discover that beneath the virtuosic surface of Aram
Bedrosian lurks the heart of a budding composer."
- Bass Player Magazine

"In a world that has been so lucky to hear the innovations of Jaco Pastorius, Victor Wooten,
and Les Claypool, the performances on this album are no less significant in their brilliant,
technical radiance....Weighing in at only half an hour, Aram Bedrosian is a musical onslaught
of beauty and ambition.... a significant work to be recognized not only in the Northeast,
but throughout the world."
- Performer Magazine    

"Beautiful work"
- Michael Manring

"..as melodic as it is intense."
- Bass Guitar Magazine

"It's Remarkable work."
- State of Mind Magazine

?I haven't seen many bass players whose playing commands the stage in the way his does.?
- The Burlington Free Press

"One of the most exciting new bass players in the world."
- Jens Ritter

"one of the most unique and incredible bassists to walk the planet."
- Larry Hartke

"Bedrosian not only displays uncanny control and command of his bass, but also shows a clear
direction for his unique instrumental voice."
- Seven Days

"you?ve got to love Aram Bedrosian, a combination rhythm section and bass soloist."
- The Vermont Guardian

"My vote for the greatest unsigned bass player in the world is, easily, for Aram Bedrosian!"
- Jim Casey, Hartke's Greatest Unsigned Bassist

"Aram slaps his bass like it's a bad baby."
- The Portland Pheonix

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