Aram Bedrosian

A dark Light (2017)

01. A Dark Light

02. The Mists

03. Always

04. Weightless

05. Falling

06. Evermore

07. Going Under

08. Fades to Grey

09. (to be announced)

10. (to be announced)

11. Dark  Reprise

The self-titled debut

"In a world that has been so lucky to hear the innovations of Jaco Pastorius, Victor Wooten,and Les Claypool, the performances on this album are no less significant in their brilliant, technical radiance."

-Northeast Performer Magazine

01.  Space Opera

02.  Mezzanine

03.  Sand Castle

04.  Thumpty Dumpty

05.  Hearing Voices

06.  Terracotta

07.  Hearing Voices

08.  The Clearing

09.  Fly

10.  Code Red

11.  Reprise

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